Fitness is for Everyone

At Bazft it’s all about you! Personal training is an effective way to turn goals into results. The 3 steps to success are going to help you with this.

My mission as a Trainer is to help each of my clients reach their personal peak in fitness.
If you are willing to put in the effort, I am right alongside you providing the top level fitness training and education.

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The 3 steps to success!

Bazfit is all about you; personal training for personal results. It’s actually really easy, just follow these 3 steps and you’ll be on your way!

  • Start by sending me a message:

    The first contact can be a personal conversation with a trainer, filling-in the introduction form or calling or texting me. Whatever you choose, the appointment for a free no-obligation introduction will follow.

  • STEP 1:
    The First Free Consultation and
    Goal Setting

    You will meet me at the introduction. Together we discuss your motivation, goals, interests and much more to get a clear picture. On the one hand you get a picture of how Bazfit works, what the prices are, the possibilities and much more. On the other hand I get to know you and will answer your questions honestly.

  • When you take the step to take up the challenge with the personal trainer, you set your goals. What you want to achieve is central!

    Together we will discuss the approach. Know that I choose an approach that suits you as a person and within your daily life. I can switch to a different approach when needed or engage a colleague to coach your nutrition, for example. I work to optimally help you in achieving your goals.

  • STEP 2:
    The Training

    You are ready for your training! With your sports outfit, water bottle, towel and personal trainer it can’t go wrong anymore. The training sessions are built up in intensity, adjusted to the shape of the day and there will be sweat. Sometimes you have a very hard time and at other times you feel strong!

  • STEP 3:
    The Evaluation

    After a period of training it is time for an interim evaluation; what are your results, how is the click with the trainer and what happens next?

    After the evaluation you make a choice. Do you continue with the guidance of your personal trainer or do you have enough tools to continue your training independently? You start again at STEP 1 with setting new goals!

You’re here because you want to get in shape.
I’m here because I want to help you get in shape.
Let’s embark on a fitness journey that will set the stage for the rest of our lives.

…let’s make it fun with whatever it takes

Have questions or need a hand? Here to help.

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