I was new to the gym and unsure how to achieve my goal which was to develop my physique and to become fitter; so I decided to get some PT sessions and it was the best decision.

I’d always had poor posture and that was another reason for why I thought starting some PT sessions would be a good idea, within weeks I could already see improvement. I was standing more upright and felt more confident.

I told Barry what I wanted and he wrote me a program to follow, I didn’t have to think much about it, it was simple and easy to follow and he was always there to answer my questions.

I followed the workouts and the food plan and achieved amazing results. Barry worked right alongside me and was always there with advice and tips and also explained how and why we were doing certain exercises. 

I am now stronger, fitter and more toned than I thought was ever possible in nine months with Barry and …

…although Barry has now left I continue with the Bazfit app and am still achieving results. I would recommend Bazfit to everyone of all abilities.