I started training with Bartosz in late 2017. I actually worked in the gym with Bartosz but was stuck in my university root still (despite leaving 2 years before). I was still eating all the wrong stuff and not training near as much as I should have been.

When I started with Bartosz I was 72 kg, 24% body fat.

I spoke with Bartosz, we came up with a plan where he trained me twice a week.

We were training specific for my goals: fat burn, toning as well as being better for the specific sport, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

After 2 months of training I had dropped to 67 kg and 12% body fat. Bartosz really helped me with my training agar n after losing my mojo and i think that improved me at my job also in the gym, my diet got better with Bartosz and I still use it today.

Him making you save everything on to Myfitnesspal is a great way to not cheat or even not to snack as you know it’ll be noticed by everyone.

I am still getting fitter and more towards the old me everyday. I still have my struggles with food but I know with what Bartosz taught me I will get through it and preserve.