I am now stronger, fitter and more toned than I thought was ever possible in nine months with Bartosz and although he has now left I continue with the Bazfit app and am still achieving results. I would recommend Bazfit to everyone of all abilities. 

James Sinel – Accountant


Knowing Bartosz as a colleague and a trainer I couldn’t recommend anyone more for you to train with, his knowledge is top class, his diet tips are so helpful and now he’s a masseuse he will also help eradicate the aches and pains of your workouts. Honestly, you can’t go wrong having him as your trainer.

Paul James – PT


With Bartosz I lost 3 clothes sizes and nearly 30 kg in just under 1 year. His approach to nutritional education and varied the fitness regime helped keep me on track alongside his enthusiasm and sense of humour. I never thought I would enjoy weights or HIIT training but have kept this new habit up.

Sian Baudains – GP


I thoroughly enjoy working out with Bartosz, and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their fitness, and more importantly achieve their fitness goals.

Melissa Cadoret – Mum


Bazfit is a fabulous and very easy app to use. All your food plans, workouts and more are right there and it links with other fitness apps saving time and keeps you in touch with Bartosz. I use Bazfit everyday.

Nichola Sletter – Director